AAAC Wildlife Removal Clarksville, Sango, & Nashville, TN


Our Team

Our team of highly skilled professionals has many years of experience and always deliver professional service. All our service providers consistently practice humane wildlife management. We have the training, skills and drive to assist you with all your wildlife problems. We believe in honesty, integrity, quality and open communication.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide Clarksville, Sango, Nashville and all of Middle TN with the most humane, permanent solution for wildlife control to homeowners, property management companies, industrial/commercial, municipalities and government installations. From the initial wildlife inspection, to the completion of damage repairs or removal of problem animals, we are driven and passionate about delivering the most professional wildlife service’s possible.

When you hire AAAC Wildlife Removal Control, the TN Wildlife Removal Experts, rest assured knowing you’re hiring a team of trained professionals that established standards of excellence with the skills to remove all kinds of wild animals, but also restore your property to original or better condition.

AAAC Wildlife Removal Clarksville, Sango, & Nashville, TN


With over 20 years in business and 30 plus years' experience working with wildlife. We pride ourselves on providing one-on-one attentive customer service. Our wildlife specialists are highly trained professionals and receive months of hands on training. We strive to make the entire wildlife removal process easy and get your conflict resolved as quickly, effectively, and affordably. We use humane catch-and-release and environmentally safe methods whenever possible. We genuinely care about the wildlife we remove, your home and your experience, and it shows in the quality of the work we do.

We're committed to excellence, professionalism and to serving you with high quality and value. We'll come to you, listen to your needs and wants, and then offer you the best and affordable solutions to fix your problem. Call us today, and see what our commitment to quality is all about!

Why Choose Us? | We Love What We do!

Animal Damage Control is not just a job, it a passion. Our team come to work smiling and ready to solve your wildlife problems. Our wildlife specialist are qualified, equipped and staffed to adequately handle animal removal, quality repairs, and restoration / clean up, along with excellent customer service, providing a permanent solution and peace of mind protecting your family, home, and business.

We Truly Care

We believe in partnership and trust between us and our clients, and we work with you to solve your specific wildlife issue. Personalized care will ensure success with any wildlife issue. Our technician will perform a 67 Point Inspection of your property and photograph wildlife damaged areas for you. We offer the most gentle and complete wildlife service, or it's FREE!

Leave it to Us

Doing it yourself doesn't always work out, especially when talking about wild animals! Instead, get peace of mind and rely on our knowledge and experience to get it done right the first time, and avoid home remedies often resulting in more costly repairs. AAAC Wildlife Removal Control is completely bonded and insured.

Our Promise

Whether your problem is big or small, we promise to provide you with the highest quality service, and the most complete wildlife removal service available. We are a 100% Green and Organic Pest Control Company. No Harmful pesticides!