Bat Removal in Nashville, TN

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Do you have bats living in your attic or chimney? If you had bats in your home last year, they will be back this year. Now is the best time to begin ridding your home of bats, for two reasons. First, spring is here to stay, so bats are active most nights.  Big brown bats, which stay here for the winter, are no longer in a state of hibernation. Little brown bats migrate south for the winter, and with the warm weather, they have returned.

The second reason now is a great time to mitigate bats is that females have not birthed their young. Once mid-May arrives, females begin having young, and full exclusion work must be put on hold. Some females may birth their young as late as July, so full exclusion work can only begin once all bats are capable of flying, which is usually mid-August. A All Animal Control stays in close contact with the bat biologist at the TN Wildlife Resource Agency, who tells us, on a year to year basis, when all juveniles are flying.

A All Animal Control handles bat removal and exclusion differently than other home-invading species; instead of trapping, bats are removed only through an exclusion process. We use bat exclusion equipment that allows bats to leave your home, but the equipment makes reentry impossible. Bats can fit through the tiniest of gaps, so our experienced technician completes a thorough inspection of your home or business to determine all entry points and at risk areas. After we are sure all bats have left, entries are repaired with wildlife grade construction materials. Bats are very persistent creatures, and without all entries and at risk areas repaired, with bat deterrent materials, they will find a way back into your home. A All Animal Control is so confident in their bat exclusion work that we back up our exclusion repairs with a 100% guarantee.