I discovered a problem with 4 skunks living under my shed. I then began my research on line how to get rid of them. My biggest concern was them spraying. If you have a skunk problem and considering a shotgun with a scope as I did, if you don't hit them in the heart and lung area they will still spray. That's when I decided to give AAAC Wildlife Removal a call and I am so glad I made that call! I was extremely impressed with Vince and his handling of my situation and did it with such finesse. It was numerous visits to finally capture all 4 and worth every cent spent. He removed them with such care and not one of them sprayed. It was such a pleasant experience watching someone who really is so dedicated to what he does. My thanks for a great job!

Chuck W.

5-Star Better Business Bureau Review

I had a raccoon issue in my attic-distressingly to say the least. It was handled swiftly and professionally. Thank you Vince!

Anne S.

5-Star Google Review

Quick, professional, honest, and AFFORDABLE!! I called them to have two opossums removed from within my fenced-in yard after they refused to leave on their own. Vince and his son were at my house within 30 minutes of me calling. Not only did they remove the opossums, but they also checked my property for any signs of others. Cheaper than other companies that I called prior to them, and they did a wonderful job. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone for wildlife issues.

Becky R.

Facebook Recommendation

Highly recommend AAAC Wildlife Removal! Their quick response and timely and professional work was truly a blessing. Vince and his son did a phenomenal job, and I would recommend them to friends and family.

Wes T.

5-Star Google Review

Vince came out within the hour of me calling him for a raccoon that had been ravaging my garden. He was professional, courteous and best all other pricing compared to the call. Highly recommend and would refer to others in need.

Drew H.

5-Star Google Review

We had an issue in our yard, which is over 4 acres, and wasn't sure what had literally torn it up. Holes had been dug up and even tunneling close to the house. We called AAAC Wildlife Removal based on the outstanding reviews. They are definitely 5 stars. The technician, Vince, was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, timely and respectful. He did a thorough inspection, identified the problem and gave us detailed clear instructions on what we needed to do to resolve our issue. And we learned a lot in the process! They are highly recommended.

Barbara I.

5-Star Google Review

AAAC Wildlife Removal recently helped us with a 'bats in the attic' problem. I was very impressed with this company. They were very knowledgeable, making good recommendations while allowing me to choose what I wanted done vs not done. Then they did exactly what they said they were going to do explaining every step of the way. They are professional and courteous, showed up when they said the would and did the job right. I have no problem recommending them to my friends and neighbors.

Barry K.

5-Star Google Review

Another company gave us a quote for $10,000. These guys got rid of our squirrels for a fraction of that. Professional, polite, and they did what they promised.

Andy T.

5-Star Google Review

They were very fast. The representative was nice and explained everything to me. I will use them again if necessary and recommend them to anyone in need of this service!

Paula S.

5-Star Google Review

Came to our business to get a skunk out. We expected someone like "Turtle man" to show up. They were very professional with everything from start to finish. The trucks, appearance, and dealing with the employees was awesome! It was amazing to watch them be so gentle while trying to catch the skunk. Best part is they did it without the skunk spraying!!! Hope we don't need you again but you will be the first call if we do. Also will refer anyone we hear that needs your service.

Graeme D.

Great experience! On time and knowledgeable about animals. Would recommend their services.

Philip G.

5-Star Google Review

I called A All Animal Control and they were able to come out that same day. They removed a dead possum from under my deck, they did it quickly and were very nice and respectful. Hope to never have to use an animal control service again, but if I do I will absolutely call A All Animal Control.

Calvin M.

5-Star Google Review

From the technician who came out to my home to the customer service rep on the phone, everyone was great to work with. I left a message and within less than a day they had returned my call to schedule a time frame to come to my home. Vince arrived early and walked me through every step of what he was doing. He was able to remove both nests from our home and make it so the birds could not get back in to those areas. We are definitely happy to not hear birds chirping from within the house any more. He had only small areas and dead space to work with in my home that had limited to no access so it did take time, but it was definitely well worth it and was great to know someone was putting in such thorough work to help us remove the birds from our home. I was definitely pleased and if we have any issues with any other wildlife, I will definitely be using their service again.

Nondice T.

5-Star Google Review

I would highly recommend them for animal control. Vince responded quickly, was thorough, and explained his findings to me very well.

Neal M.

5-Star Google Review

A All Animal Control did a fantastic job. They removed a snake from my kitchen efficiently and then made sure the rest of the premise was snake-free. They also told me possible entry points in the apartment and how to seal them. I highly recommend this company!

Kaitlin W.

5-Star Google Review

Very responsive and thorough. I felt Vince gave me a clear understanding of my (significant) issues and didn't up sell me on services he knew would be best handled by a larger company, who he then referred me to. Trustworthy. I highly recommend.

Gina P.

5-Star Google Review

I had a great experience with A All Animal Control to help me remove a skunk without incident. The technician was very helpful, courteous and informative. Definitely would call them again if I have and issue. This has not been the case with other companies I've worked with in the past.

Tyler B.

5-Star Google Review

Vince was very professional and knowledgeable. He removed a mother raccoon and her babies for us. Vince also repaired the hole that the raccoon made in our house. I highly recommend A All Animal Control if you have a wildlife issue.

Vince C.

5-Star Google Review

Vince did a great job. We had a issue with a snake in a unit and from the time we called A All Animal Control till the time they emptied the unit, they were so helpful. We will use them again if needed and would recommend them.

U.S. Storage Centers Clarksville

5-Star Google Review

Vince is a very knowledgeable and caring guy. He wanted to make sure we were all free from our pests. He removed a very large nest from our soffets and sealed off thoroughly. Highly recommend them!!

Kassie P.

5-Star Google Review

I am very happy with the experience I had with A All Animal Control! I was very concerned with a birds life stuck in my porch pillar! When they arrived I really could tell he cared too! They were efficient and on time!!! We have been in Clarksville a very short time and it is good to know this community has great people!

Caitlin I.

5-Star Google Review

I am very happy with the services provided to us by AAAC Wildlife Removal. We had a problem with mice in the attic and it was taken care of quickly and professionally. The technician, Vince, was extremely helpful and friendly. Vince personally showed me the evidence of the mice, their probable entry points, and explained what could be done to make sure they didn't come back. All of the entry points were sealed and the existing mice were removed. I will be recommending AAAC Wildlife Removal to friends and family if they ever need animal control services.

Micheal J.

5-Star Google Review